GoGrid Hosting Review-Not Good

I have had web sites for 13 years.  I have to warn others that using GoGrid hosting has been my worst hosting experiences.    Deciding to accept there “free” $100 dollar credit offer to sign-up was a bad mistake.  One of my earliest budget providers based in India was a better experience.

I accepted their offer to evaluate their service for use as back up servers for some of the commercial websites for which I am the system administrator.

To start with their interface is clunky and far from ready for actual commercial use.  It is confusing, lacks useability, help, and documentation.

There customer service was slow and largely unhelpful when I had issues.  They left me feeling that they thought I was stupid because I didn’t know every aspect of their system.

Worst of all is their billing.  They tell you that you are being billed for RAM hours used.  Well their gottcha trick is how they define your RAM hours.  Their claim is that a server that is turned off is using RAM hours.

Well we all know that the whole idea of “cloud” computing is to lower costs because the provider can use the actual physical hardware for another client when you do not have your server on.  Well GoGrid claims that your server is still using RAM when it is off.  If there is still RAM actually alloted to your off server, then that is not cloud computing.  It is FAR cheaper to use a traditional hosting provider than to  pay GoGrid for RAM on your server that is not even running!

I had to request my account to be closed multiple times, before they finally complied.  Requests to refund my money were never fulfilled.

The traditional hosting providers, such as Liquid Web, also provide FAR better customer support at a much lower price.  Liquid Web, for example, provides a much more polished interface for the user.  After this very unfortunate, and personally costly, experience with GoGrid;  I love Liquid Web even more than I did previously.

I hope this review saves other business owners and Tech workers from a costly mistake like mine.

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