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I recently received a courtesy upgrade to a software product I already owned and used, DiskAnalyzer Pro.  I am excited to review the software because it has really come a long ways.  The version I am reviewing is 3.4.

From their website: “The software helps you to find largest folders and files on your hard drive.  Get hard disk space consumption report grouped by file size, file types, ownership, file date and attributes.   Quickly drill down to folders consuming most of your hard disk space.”

As soon as the program launches, it asks you which drive you would like to analyze.  Once you pick the drive it quickly analyzes it.  It did my 500GB drive I chose in about 20 seconds.  The program then presents its main work interface.  The primary area is a row of tabs that lets you sort the files by different criteria.

DiskAnalyzer Pro Tabs

DiskAnalyzer Pro Tabs

You can click any of those tabs to quickly sort/ group files by that criteria.    For instance, you can click file types to quickly see how much storage is being taken up by every file type on your drive (by extension).  Wondering why you have so many rich text files?  Just double click the “rtf” extension folder.  A new window opens called the “File Viewer and Explorer.”  This view list all the rtf files on the drive with the associated metadata.  To the left is a window to quickly sort further by any of the file attributes.  Date searching even has a handy pop-up calendar to assist in choosing the dates you need.  (Very useful when you are lost in programming, and lost your orientation to time and place!!)

File Explorer View

File Explorer View

Double-Clicking any of the files in the file viewer will launch the associated program to view the file.  For some of the simpler file types there is the option to launch and internal pre-view within the application.

A very nice feature if you need to report to someone else what is where, is the ability to export an HTML or CSV report of files located.  This is very useful for quick inventories after a data recovery or computer forensics job.  The same can be done with computer forensics software, but it is more time consuming to set up.

I can also see it be very useful for network IT professionals trying to find out what or who is taking up all the space on the server!

Overall, I find this to be a very easy to use and cost-effective utility.

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