Entering Private Practice!

I am able to announce big changes at DataTriangle. I have been employed by the Alachua Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff for the last 14 years. Most recently I was assigned to the FBI CyberCrime Task Force, Internet Crimes Against Children, and the computer forensic examiner. Yes, this has been as busy and stressful job as it sounds!

I am leaving the Sheriff’s Office to devote myself full-time to DataTriangle. I will be doing work in the areas of computer forensics, data recovery, and website administration. I will supervise staff members working on general computer repair services in the Gainesville, Florida area.

My recent computer forensics experience translates most closely to work in criminal defense cases. As I have always done though, my goal is to expand my experience. I have already worked civil cases involving digital evidence. I anticipate working a lot more with the increased availability. I have also had Gainesville Attorneys approach me requesting e-discovery services.

There is a great deal of overlap between e-discovery and computer forensic practice. A lot of the difference lies in acquiring a few new software tools and becoming proficient in them. I am in the process now of buying these tools and practicing. I don’t presently see myself trying to get into large scale e-discovery work. I am more interested in supporting law firms with their small to medium size e-discovery matters.

It is with great excitement that I enter into the private practice of computer forensics! The excitement is somewhat tempered by sadness at leaving all the great comrades and professionals that I have worked with through the years in law enforcement. I wish all of them the best of luck and safe patrols!

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