Mini-DVD Data Recovery

I just did a data recovery job that involved a mini-dvd that had been accidentally re-formatted. I got the DVD in with no active files. My usual go to for these recoveries has been ISObuster. I have had many successful recoveries with ISObuster. In this case it did recover movie files that had been on the drive. It incorrectly assembled lots of the MPEG fragments a few large VOD files. This resulted in a jumpy video with a lot of unintelligible audio.

Well I knew my friends from England, CNW recovery, had been working hard on their DVD data recovery routines. I decided to give CNW a try. It has a very user friendly menu that guides your through each step of the process. It recommends at each step the next step in the recovery. I watched as it imaged the disk, carved the MPEGs, then did its best guess at reassembly. The process was very easy to understand and smooth for a low-level data recovery tool.

The resulting MPEGs were much cleaner than the VOB’s produced by ISObuster. There were segments, that by manual review, I could tell needed to be reassembled. There were none that were incorrectly put together though. (A much harder thing to deal with.)

I manually re-assembled the MPEGs together that were really part of one continuous shoot. The resulting product was very good.

I am very impressed with the progress of CNW recovery in this area!!

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