Data Recovery Conference for Continued Education

I recently left my full time job in law enforcement doing computer forensics. (Hopefully private work will be less stress and more money!) I am primarily a computer forensic examiner. I do data recovery as a part-time, fill in when computer forensics is slow. As such, since I went to one Scott Moulton’s first data recovery course there has been a lot change in data recovery. It is obvious that there is a HUGE asset of combined knowledge in the data recovery field.

In law enforcement we would periodically have “Computer Forensic Training Days.” This was a quarterly meeting where examiners got together and trained each other. Examiners with a special interest/ expertise in a block would train the others. The only cost to go was small to cover hosting, as the trainers were paid by their agencies.

I think a similar thing would work very well for data recovery. In data recovery though, there would probably be a little higher cost to cover paying the speakers a lesson prep fee, conference room costs, and refreshments. I am thinking it could probably be done for a few hundred dollars for each attendee. ( I may even be able to work my law enforcement contacts to get us free rooms for the training in exchange for letting some of them come.)

I already run with my wife. We (mainly she) puts on seminars already. So, I have some experience at it.

I think with the speed that knowledge grows in data recovery and it being so hands on that this would be extremely valuable to everyone. I know I would be willing to contribute training on file systems, X-Ways Forensics, or whatever else that DR folks were interested in.

Not to mention I am in Florida, just north of Orlando. Nice place to come annually for a winter conference maybe?

Let me know your thoughts. The big thing I would like to know is, would you ACTUALLY come. Keep in mind that with your flight, room, and enrollment fee that it will probably cost $1,000 dollars to attend a 2 or three day conference. (If the group is small I can actually host at my in-office training room. But, that would just be like 20 people… ) I will put a survey below for for everyone who is interested to take. I will publish the results later.

Data Recovery Conference Survey

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