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I have recently gotten some questions about what computer forensics work I have been doing in Tennessee, and to contrast it to Florida.  By and large, computer forensics is computer forensics but there does seem to be some different emphasis on the work areas.

I have had a lot of healthcare related work in Tennessee.  This has ranged from the individual doctor’s practice to large clinics.  The work has ranged from data breaches, employee’s stealing data, to data recovery work.   The cases generally haven’t been huge investigations, as in find the unknown bad act.  In interviews, I have generally been able to narrow things down to “X” act happened between these date and times on the specified computer(s).

I have made progress on making contacts with attorneys in Tennessee and Kentucky.  I have been retained in few child pornography cases as an expert witness.  So far, many of the issues in the cases are similar to those I saw in Florida and Virginia.  In Kentucky especially, they seem to be very backed-up on their forensic exams.

I had an investigation in Arkansas where an “ethical hacker” performed some work without having a written contract in place giving him permission.  The events that followed created some confusion and concern for a possible data breach.

Last week, I was at the Tennessee Bar Association’s office in Nashville for a live continuing education presentation.  This presentation was titled “Computer Forensics in a Mobile World.”  This presentation was streamed live throughout the state for attorneys to attend for CEU credit.  They also will be able to view the presentation on-demand for CEUs over the next year.

I hope to do some presentations at the Lebanon, TN chamber of commerce over the rest of the year. I will cover topics that will be of interest to small business owners.  The presentations will probably focus on firewalls, storage, HIPAA, and general security topics.  On the HIPAA/ HITECH act presentation I am hoping to have an attorney participate.

I am also going to do one on utilizing mobile device analysis in traffic accident investigations.  These seems to be a rapidly growing area of interest in litigation.  Not to mention a very real problem…as we have all seen first hand.  It will also serve to gauge interest locally in this area.

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