Gainesville, a little about it

Gainesville, FL.  When most people hear that, the first thing that comes to mind is the University of Florida.  That pairing with Gainesville, FL is not far off.  I have lived here for 15 years.  That is still my first thought.

 Gainesville is certainly dominated by the University of Florida.  This is not just because there are some 50,000 students and employees that make up the population.  It goes deeper than that.  One of the primary reasons for this, many of Gainesville’s (and Alachua County’s) permanent non-students; used to be UF students.

 I am in fact part of this crowd.  I came to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida.  I studied engineering there for 5 years.  I then went to the police academy.  Why the change you ask?  Well, that is probably a story for a whole different post.

 I came to Gainesville, attended UF, and meet my wife here.  We were from different home towns, with neither of us being particularly motivated to return to them.  So, we just stayed here.  Then we bought a home, had kids, built a fish pond, adopted dogs….. well, you get the idea.  Now this is home. 

 I suspect if you asked, many of the permanent Gainesville residents would tell you a similar story.

Not to mention, Gainesville is computer friendly…and I love computers.

Till next time….

Boot Utility to Delete Hard Disk Drives

I recently learned of a great SourceForge project.  Most of us know, it is dangerous to throw out or donate that old computer without “deleting” that old data off the hard drive.   If you just use an ordinary delete command, you are not actually removing the file.  The file index system is just marking that file space a available for use. 

Now days, there are  data recovery options that are available to anyone with a moderate level of computer skills.  It is not just cops and data recovery companies that can get at your private data.   There are plenty of criminals and unscrupulous individuals that have learned how to make use of your data.

 Thankfully, there is now a project on SourceForge that can help.  DBAN   DBAN is short for Darik’s Boot and Nuke.  This software will allow you to create a boot disk that can be used to wipe your entire hard drive.

 I have not personally verified the effectiveness of the software, but it looks like a really good product.  Especially considering the price, FREE.

Be aware that this will not stop the National Security Agency from recovering the data, but it will stop your common criminal and neighborhood computer geek.

 By the way… don’t throw away that old computer.  There are many non-profits that fix up old computers and give them to families that need them.  Make use of this free tool to clean the computer, and give it to people that will be grateful to have it.

Florida DEP Environmental Crimes-Level III course

I just finished the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s, Environmental Crimes-Level III course (that is a mouthful). 

 I wanted to say, it is an excellent course.  The lead instructor is Clabe Polk of DEP. It reinforces my experience, so far, that environmental crimes are a bit different than anything else.  Even as a Level III course, you are just beginning to get into the technical aspects of how the environmental crime statutes relate/ tie into the Florida Administrative Code (FAC).

Kathy Martinez, Special Agent, and Tracey Hartman, a DEP Attorney, presented a block on search warrants.  It was the best presentation on search warrants I have ever attended. Search warrants are kinda strange thing in law enforcement.  Lots of cops, even Detectives, will tell you about when you need one or what it takes to get one. The funny thing is, if you as these same folks if they have ever personally written one, they will tell you “no.”  Both of the instructors for this block on search warrants, clearly had a lot of first hand experience.

The case also provides a fairly detailed walk through of an environmental crimes case.  This walk through includes a real scene and hands on sampling.

 Tymn Rice, with the Florida DEP, provides a great instruction block on the basics of sampling.  He has the rare gift of being a scientist, but being able to relate things in common sense terms.

William Martin, of DEP’s Site Investigation team, taught a block on Florida Geology and soil/groundwater sampling. He was a dynamic speaker with the same gift to break science down to common sense terms.  His entire team is very skilled and willing to teach and/or help law enforcement.

Lt. Tim Gorman with DEP taught several short instructional blocks.  These blocks did  a good job of tying in science, safety, and real world law enforcement.

I highly recommend this course to any law enforcement officer assigned to environmental crimes investigations!

Continuing Education Site

I wanted to point out a continuing education site that is a GREAT value!  (It is also a Shameless plug for my own business. 😉 ) 

AllCEUs For a low yearly fee you get all your CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for a year.  (Currently 29.99) We created this business parly because there are alot of big business out there taking advantage of the little guy.  They charge hundreds of dollars for CEUs.

We provide CEUs for Nurses, Counselors, Psychologists, Rehab Counselors (CRCs), and more related fields. 

We will soon expand into engineering, trades, computers, and general contractors.  Stay tuned on this great value.

New Shopping Site

The new shopping site I found is Deal News. This site is great.  It is basically a bulletin board for deals. You can click on a category you are interested in, and it will show you the latest deal bulletins.  

 In addition to showing you the price…..  It gives you the bottom line “shipped” price. It also gives you a rating of the “hotness” of the deal with orange circles.

 Of course I love the computer category 🙂

 Check it out.   I bet it can save you some money.

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