Have you ever wanted to copy a word document or a webpage to save the information for later use or integrate it somewhere else?  If you have, you have probably been frustrated at grabbing all the pictures and links when you tried.

Well, Steve Miller has a great little program to help out with this problem.  It is called PureText It is a small .exe program that basically strips most pictures and formatting out before executing the paste command.  Great time saver.  As a matter I used it to grab his description of what the software does to paste it into the bottom of this article.

This can be of use in computer forensics investigations.  There may be times when you want to convey the text content of a page to your end-user without giving them the pictures on the page (sometimes they could even be illegal to transmit, i.e. child porn).  This is a great little tool for that.

Boot Utility to Delete Hard Disk Drives

I recently learned of a great SourceForge project.  Most of us know, it is dangerous to throw out or donate that old computer without “deleting” that old data off the hard drive.   If you just use an ordinary delete command, you are not actually removing the file.  The file index system is just marking that file space a available for use. 

Now days, there are  data recovery options that are available to anyone with a moderate level of computer skills.  It is not just cops and data recovery companies that can get at your private data.   There are plenty of criminals and unscrupulous individuals that have learned how to make use of your data.

 Thankfully, there is now a project on SourceForge that can help.  DBAN   DBAN is short for Darik’s Boot and Nuke.  This software will allow you to create a boot disk that can be used to wipe your entire hard drive.

 I have not personally verified the effectiveness of the software, but it looks like a really good product.  Especially considering the price, FREE.

Be aware that this will not stop the National Security Agency from recovering the data, but it will stop your common criminal and neighborhood computer geek.

 By the way… don’t throw away that old computer.  There are many non-profits that fix up old computers and give them to families that need them.  Make use of this free tool to clean the computer, and give it to people that will be grateful to have it.

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