Parental Control and Monitoring Software

I was asked recently to find a parental control/ monitoring software for an agency to recommend to parents.  In looking at alot of software that is somewhat expensive for the average family with kids, I found Crawler Parental Control.  This software is FREE.

I installed the software.  I did some initial testing with it.  It looks very good.  The software has computer usage controls.  The program will even save screenshots and email user activity logs.

The usage controls by time are VERY important.  What I have seen time and again in law enforcement.. is kids getting in trouble online after mom and dad are in the bed.  This is especially bad if the computer is in junior’s room.  (Something I consider a safety nightmare for kids.)

If you are going to let junior have a computer in their room, this software allows the administrator to block them from being up secretly in the middle of the night chatting with some stranger.

I have by no means tested this product throughly.  There are ways around it.  I will not go into them.. as to not educate kids trying to get over on mom and dad.

This software is certainly far better than an unprotected unmonitored computer however.

Gainesville, Alachua County, Budgets and Law Enforcement

Well I will tell you, I am more than a little frustrated with the rising crime rates. In the Alachua County/ Gainesville area the statistics the public sees does not even BEGIN to tell the story of the number of criminals that walk simply do to lack of prosecution. It is not unusual here for criminals to have a criminal history of felony arrests longer than your arm before they first go to prison.

Is this all the fault of the state attorneys office or law enforcement. Yes and no. One limiting factor that everyone involved in arresting and prosecuting criminals is funding.

It is common for me to talk to crime victims now days who are frustrated at the slow response time, slow investigation, lack of investigation, or slow/ no prosecution of their case. Honestly, I have kinda quit being totally dishonest about the total situation when people talk to me about it, especially off-duty. When the citizens/ county government are unwilling to fund more law enforcement officers or prosecutors dis spite growing population and crime…..What are we in criminal justice to do?

For example, I suspect there are now hundreds of burglaries per year for everyone Detective alloted to investigate them. So, I don’t find it a big surprise that our local clearance rate for burglaries is horrid compared to some other jurisdictions.

Every year it becomes easier for criminals to victimize people to start with because our number of law enforcement officers on the road patrolling is not growing with the population. There is simply to much area for officers to effectively cover and suppress crime.

There is also a side… that the law enforcement environment, state wide mostly, has not encouraged officers to perform aggressive pro-active law enforcement. Alot of that can be thanked to 20 years of having far more lawyers than society needs. I can’t tell you how sick street level officers get of hearing about potential “liability” being a reason for not doing our job. There are supervisors now that will gladly walk away and leave a bad guy on the street than risk any small chance of “liability.” Unfortunately, some supervisors and street cops get so beat down by liablity arguements….they eventually decide the only way to avoid liability…is to do nothing unless called somewhere or it jumps right up in their face.

Of course hand in hand with this, is the non stop progression in the law enforcement community to investigate each and every citizen complaint no matter what or when.

It is now common place for cops to even get in trouble at work for incidents away from the job that have NOTHING to do with work. State wide there are many examples of this happening. Just a for instance.. a cop goes to his local hardware store where they sold him a broken drill. He is off duty, not in uniform, never mentions where he works or that he is a cop. He gets into an argument with the manager because he will not take the return. This kind of things happens to citizens all the time right?? Well, lets say this manager has seen the cop in uniform before and knows he is a cop and where he works. Now agencies are actually taking complaints about incidents like this and investigating their officers. They even will hand out extreme discipline actions…just like this happened on duty, in uniform.

I would ask regular citizens out there… How would you feel about getting days off without pay from your job because you got into an argument at the hardware store? Well that is the state of things now…. it is sad.

Online Counseling and Mental Health Education (The Education is FREE too!)

I occasionally have someone find my site; looking for my wife for online counseling.  Here is a synopsis of what she and her site are about.

Dr-Is-In was created to provide online counseling to people in the convenience of their own homes. E-therapy or online counseling is not appropriate for everyone. Due to the fact that your e-therapist is unable to see you and do an adequate mental status exam, it is only ethical to do online counseling with people who are experiencing mild or moderate depression, anxiety, grief or addictions. Many people claim to be online therapists, but I encourage you to check their credentials to make sure they are licensed in their state or certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors or a similar counseling organization. Online counseling comes in many different forms as well: email, individual chat and group chat and asynchronous forums. Many people feel more comfortable talking openly in e-therapy than they do in traditional counseling. It is also cheaper–No travel expenses, no babysitter and your online counselor can offer services for less per hour because their overhead is significantly less. Online counseling with an licensed/certified professional is a medical expense and is therefore tax-deductible.

I have been providing online counseling and education online, face-to-face and via telephone for over a decade. During which time I have found that, although every patient is a bit different, there are certain basic principles that remain the same. . .
People are not going to be compliant with treatment (and won’t get better) if you use an approach that does not match their personality.

A small change in your way of thinking, way of feeling, social interactions, environment, physical activities and/or eating and sleeping habits will have big effects to help you get on your way. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither were your problems. Change will be gradual, but Hope goes a long way.

You can do one or two things really well or do a lot of things half-way. What we are after is quality change, not quantity. Work with your e-therapist to identify one or two interventions at a time. You will probably see that a lot of things change anyway. For example, when people start making a conscious effort not to hold on to anger and resentment, they usually find that they physically feel better, have more energy and start sleeping better which helps them have more patience, improved relationships (and support) and reduced anxiety and depression.

People choose the best/most rewarding course of action they can based on the tools they have at any point in time. This is the hardest part for most people to wrap their minds around, but it is the most basic principle of behavior modification. Even if, on the surface, the behavior seems counterproductive and hurtful, there are benefits. Until you identify those benefits and find other ways of reaping the same rewards, you will not change.

Most people find during their online counseling sessions that depression, anxiety, anger etc. revolves around six basic fears: loss of control, the unknown, rejection, isolation, failure (or success) and death. We do whatever we can to avoid these feelings and when we cannot avoid them, sometimes they consume us. Although you may not like to talk about feelings, we will talk about “triggers” for your problem and tools to deal with or eliminate them.

People see all the reasons why they “should” change, but often fail to take into account all the reasons they do not want to change. It goes back to that reward. What is the benefit of this behavior or feeling? What is it protecting me from or getting for me? If you try to take away that behavior and replace it with something that does not meet the same need with the same intensity, you will FAIL! It is kind of like replacing chocolate with celery when you go on a diet. It just doesn’t quite getcha there.

Please let me know about topics you would like to see added. I will respond to questions about e-therapy, mental health, parenting and wellness as quickly as possible. You are free to ask questions, but remember, the forums are not therapy and they are public. Be smart about protecting your identity etc. Additionally, I offer free online counseling whenever I am online. Visit our services page for more information.

All that being said, I look forward to a very productive relationship.
~Dr. Snipes

Gainesville, a little about it

Gainesville, FL.  When most people hear that, the first thing that comes to mind is the University of Florida.  That pairing with Gainesville, FL is not far off.  I have lived here for 15 years.  That is still my first thought.

 Gainesville is certainly dominated by the University of Florida.  This is not just because there are some 50,000 students and employees that make up the population.  It goes deeper than that.  One of the primary reasons for this, many of Gainesville’s (and Alachua County’s) permanent non-students; used to be UF students.

 I am in fact part of this crowd.  I came to Gainesville to attend the University of Florida.  I studied engineering there for 5 years.  I then went to the police academy.  Why the change you ask?  Well, that is probably a story for a whole different post.

 I came to Gainesville, attended UF, and meet my wife here.  We were from different home towns, with neither of us being particularly motivated to return to them.  So, we just stayed here.  Then we bought a home, had kids, built a fish pond, adopted dogs….. well, you get the idea.  Now this is home. 

 I suspect if you asked, many of the permanent Gainesville residents would tell you a similar story.

Not to mention, Gainesville is computer friendly…and I love computers.

Till next time….

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