Entering Private Practice!

I am able to announce big changes at DataTriangle. I have been employed by the Alachua Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff for the last 14 years. Most recently I was assigned to the FBI CyberCrime Task Force, Internet Crimes Against Children, and the computer forensic examiner. Yes, this has been as busy and stressful job as it sounds!

I am leaving the Sheriff’s Office to devote myself full-time to DataTriangle. I will be doing work in the areas of computer forensics, data recovery, and website administration. I will supervise staff members working on general computer repair services in the Gainesville, Florida area.

My recent computer forensics experience translates most closely to work in criminal defense cases. As I have always done though, my goal is to expand my experience. I have already worked civil cases involving digital evidence. I anticipate working a lot more with the increased availability. I have also had Gainesville Attorneys approach me requesting e-discovery services.

There is a great deal of overlap between e-discovery and computer forensic practice. A lot of the difference lies in acquiring a few new software tools and becoming proficient in them. I am in the process now of buying these tools and practicing. I don’t presently see myself trying to get into large scale e-discovery work. I am more interested in supporting law firms with their small to medium size e-discovery matters.

It is with great excitement that I enter into the private practice of computer forensics! The excitement is somewhat tempered by sadness at leaving all the great comrades and professionals that I have worked with through the years in law enforcement. I wish all of them the best of luck and safe patrols!

Computer Forensics Expert in Federal Court

I am very pleased to announce that I testified as an Expert in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime.  I was on the stand for about an one and one half hours.  The material of the case involved the receipt, possession, and distribution of child pornography.

I was happy to learn that the case agents, attorney, and jury were very happy with my testimony.  Everyone told me that I was very clear and did an excellent job of making highly technical material understandable.  Being technically accurate and at the same time understandable, I believe, is one of the greatest challenges to anyone testifying as a computer forensics expert.  Throughout my training I have always tried to ask myself, “How would I explain this to a jury?”

The entire case was a great experience from working with the U.S. Attorney, investigators, criminal defense attorney, and everyone else involved in this case.

I am proud and happy to have accomplished my goal of being recognized as an expert in state and federal court.  I look forward to continuing to learn in this field, and hope I have a long and successful career in it!

Certified in Court as Expert in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime

I am not a big fan of “tooting” my own horn, but I have to publicize the accomplishment of a long time goal.

Yesterday, in the Rhoden v Rhoden in the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida I testified as an expert witness in “Computer Forensics and Cybercrime!” 

Since there is not a universally accepted gold standard in computer forensics certifications, testifying as an expert in court is about the only standard that indicates you have entered the top tier of the field. 

I very pleased to have accomplished a goal I set for myself in 2006.  Hopefully this is just the mid-point of great career in computer forensics. 🙂

Internet Undercover Investigations

I just completed the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) undercover investigations course. It was a very good class. The class was held in Denver, Colorado. I went up to the town of Boulder a couple of times. The town of Boulder really is beautiful.

As far as the class.. other than to say it is a good course.. this is one I really can’t talk about.

Parental Control and Monitoring Software

I was asked recently to find a parental control/ monitoring software for an agency to recommend to parents.  In looking at alot of software that is somewhat expensive for the average family with kids, I found Crawler Parental Control.  This software is FREE.

I installed the software.  I did some initial testing with it.  It looks very good.  The software has computer usage controls.  The program will even save screenshots and email user activity logs.

The usage controls by time are VERY important.  What I have seen time and again in law enforcement.. is kids getting in trouble online after mom and dad are in the bed.  This is especially bad if the computer is in junior’s room.  (Something I consider a safety nightmare for kids.)

If you are going to let junior have a computer in their room, this software allows the administrator to block them from being up secretly in the middle of the night chatting with some stranger.

I have by no means tested this product throughly.  There are ways around it.  I will not go into them.. as to not educate kids trying to get over on mom and dad.

This software is certainly far better than an unprotected unmonitored computer however.

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