Data Recovery in Lebanon, TN and Nashville Metro Area

Data Recovery is a service that you hope to never need. When you do need it though, you want to be sure to hire an honest, certified, and reputable company. Data Recovery is still one of the wild west areas of computer work. Individuals offering data recovery range from the college student in mom’s basement to huge mega-corporations. This makes it a field where the buyer really has to beware.

A lot of companies offer the “no recovery, no charge” promise in all situations. Some of these companies are working on the dirty-little-secret that they get the hard drive in and do the work if it is an easy recovery. If it is not easy, they either tell you the data is unrecoverable or they tried and failed. They count on volume of easy work to make their living.

If your data is valuable, you NEED to get a company with educated and certified technicians to do the recovery work. At the very least, call and consult with a certified technician before you launch into your recovery efforts. MANY of the jobs I receive come in after big box retailer has worked on the computer or the college student in mom’s basement has attempted the recovery. In general they have made the situation much worse! Some time they have created a situation where the data is unrecoverable.

In a situation where you can’t access you important data, I recommend you immediately call DataTriangle or another qualified data recovery technician. There are techniques to back up the computer, external hard drive, server, or exchange database before other recovery techniques are attempted. This backup with forensic or data recovery tools can save your data from being lost forever.

DataTriangle offers reasonably priced data recovery services. Our specialty is in software based recoveries such as file system failures, Windows Crash, Blue Screen, reformat of drive, partition corruption, Exchange Errors, and boot errors. DataTriangle’s combined experience in forensics and data recovery makes us uniquely suited for these jobs.

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