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DataTriangle is an IT oriented solutions business that is focused on Litigation and Investigative support. DataTriangle brings together professionals with expertise in Computer Forensics, Data Recovery, Computer Repair, Networking, and Investigations. This wide breadth of experience and skills allows us to provide solutions that are unparalleled. We can help with Criminal Investigations, PCI compliance, HIPAA, eDiscovery Demands, Internal Misconduct, Civil Litigation. Our range of experience and computer knowledge allows us to provide the all around solution.

Examples of cases and IT solutions that DataTriangle has been engaged to assist with:

Data Breach– DataTriangle has responded to numerous data breaches involving HIPAA protected materials. These responses have ranged from small one Doctor practices to large corporations with Millions of Dollars in assets. These case have commonly involved internal compromise where the investigation involved HIPAA compliance and possible parallel criminal sanctions. DataTriangle’s extensive law enforcement experience allows us to play a key role in coordinating with law enforcement for an effective response.

Child Pornography Charges– DataTriangle has played a pivotal role in the Defense of individuals wrongfully or over-zealously charged with the possession and distribution of child pornography. The nature of the internet and file sharing can lead an individual to make poor choices in a brief period of time that can have drastic consequences. Many times without having an experienced examiner on your side it can almost impossible to mount an effective criminal defense. Frequently, the law enforcement examiner may have missed crucial exculpatory evidence during the initial exam due to their huge workload and back log of cases.

Data Recovery– Data Recovery is a field with many parallel skills with computer forensics. There are technical elements that many forensic examiners are not trained in. DataTriangle has repeatedly been able to recover critical data for Universities, Professors, Doctor, Lawyers, and Hospitals. These organizations typically have data security requirements that exceed the training of the local computer technician who is doing data recovery. Additionally, the data often involved encryption; which can pose a challenge to those unfamiliar with EFS, PGP, AES, and other encryption methods. Further, DataTriangle has been able to recover data thought lost from Exchange Database servers (EDB).

Cell Phone Tracking and Historical Data– DataTriangle has consulted in numerous criminal case involving cell phone tracking data. Cell phone tracking data can at time provide very powerful hard evidence to defend a person wrongfully accused of a crime. When the data can alibi an accussed person as not being in the area of the crime, this can be very compelling in proving their innocence.

On-Site Imaging– Frequently DataTriangle is called to destinations to produce court defendable forensic images of data. This if often done in preparation for pending litigation. Either side may hire DataTriangle to ensure that the data is preserved in a defend-able fashion by and unbiased third party.

User History and Timline Analysis– Frequently in case from domestic, civil, and criminal nature a timeline of user activity and timeline analysis can be critical. Who did what when on a computer or cell phone, and combined with other evidence to produce a sequence of user activity. DataTriangle is able to pull together computer forensic, private investigation, and law enforcement experience to produce the very best in analysis.

Criminal Case Consulting– DataTriangle’s varied experience in law enforcement, computer forensic, criminal defense, and private investigations can frequently assist a defense attorney in crafting a defense argument given all the available evidence. DataTriangle has frequently been able to contribute and insight that has provided substantial assistance to a criminal defense.

++Added Services++

DataTriangle’s technical skills frequently leads to requests to assist with general IT solutions for both business and home users. DataTriangle is proud to provide its clients with IT support on a time available basis. DataTriangle is able to provide remote support services through the industry leading solution TeamViewer. Additionally, we can provide network security and data backup for home users and the small-medium business market through open source technology. These skill have grown our of our work in computer forensics and our own internal networks, but are easily and afford ably extended to the networks of others.

DataTriangle provides support to the open source community, of which we are a beneficiary and strong supporter.

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